Kwara State Hospital Management Board

Delivering a connected patient journey

Leading Modern Healthcare

Creating the most Hospital friendly and best in health services for all people.

Connecting Kwara to a healthier future

Current eHealth Solution implementation in Kwara State

A multi-dimensional electronic health records for all citizens

The Digitalization of the health systems in Kwara State is strengthening the delivery of healthcare in the State.

The eHealth Kwara implementation contributes to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Improving Outcome with Empowered Patients

Digital Health services

Electronic Health Records

Digital health records for patients. Secure access to health information whenever needed.


Telehealth allows you to have a consultation with your doctors from anywhere using your phone or computer.

Online Appointment Booking

Online appointment booking allows patients and healthcare providers to schedule appointments virtually using mobile or desktop computer.


Electronic Referrals simplifies referral process. It enables quick and secure referral to be set and received through digital platform.

Electronic Prescriptions

ePrescriptions allows prescribers electronically send an accurate error-free prescription directly to a pharmacy from the point of care.

Online Payment

Enjoy ease of paying bills. Patients can pay bills online using card payments

Your Dream. Our Mission.

The highest standard of healthcare

Essential Drug Project (EDP)

Heart Defects

Dental caries

First Aid